Financial responsibility isn’t just about staying out of debt or saving for a rainy day, although those things are important. It also means making the most of your tax allowances and keeping an eye on the future value of your money by investing in projects and businesses that underpin the growth of the UK’s green economy.

We know that Abundance customers get this. Since we launched our Innovative Finance ISA a year ago, over £10 million has flooded into the product to be invested in a range of projects including solar, wind and biomass.

And these past few weeks as the April 5th ISA deadline approaches we’ve seen money coming in faster than it ever has before, as people take advantage of the chance to earn a 2% return while we bring some exciting new projects online.

It’s a clear endorsement that people really like ISA’s tax advantages. Even better than that, those tax incentives have great potential for stimulating green growth – a win-win for the economy and the environment.

Our latest Great British Money survey shows that over half the people asked already invest in ISAs, with an average savings pot of just over £6,000. However almost 43% would like to save a bit more and almost 40% think their money isn’t being used in line with their ethics and values.

Currently only a tiny fraction of ISA money is invested in green and ethical retail funds – under 3% of a total of £518 billion held in ISAs in the UK as of the end of the last tax year (Sources: HMRC, EIRIS). So there’s definitely scope for growth if people act on their aspirations.

The City of London’s landmark report Globalising Green Finance, issued in November 2016, recognises the potential for the UK to act as a Clean Growth Hub. It states: “The UK has the foundations to be a leading global green financial hub, and green finance has the potential to be a significant economic and environmental opportunity for the UK.” In order to achieve that, we need a strong domestic green investment market to attract both international attention and money.

We can and should become a world leader in this space. It starts here with ordinary people investing directly in the green economy through our IF ISA. Not all ‘ethical’ ISAs are the same: if you invest with us you can choose exactly how your money is used and which project to support – whether it’s something local to you, or aligned with your personal green values.

Do something positive with your money. But don’t leave it too long – there’s not much time left to make the most of this year’s ISA allowance.

Risk warning

Part or all of your original capital may be at risk and any return on your loan or investment depends on the success of the project. Investments tend to be long term and may not be readily realisable. Estimated rates of return are variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Consider all risks before investing.