The last couple of months have been busy for Abundance behind the scenes.

It is no small task to get ready for arguably the biggest day since our launch, when we will open our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) fully to our investors to buy debentures and earn your returns free from tax. Our projects team, led by Louise Wilson, have been burning the midnight oil crunching the numbers on a series of new projects which will be filling our shelves this winter.

Many of you will have seen the Coming Soon announcements for the next Swindon Solar Bond and the next stage of our financing of the Upper Pitforthie Windgen turbine. We know that many of you have been seeking more investments in wind projects, as evidenced by their popularity when they are traded by customers on our Bulletin Board.

Our Marketing team has been busy too. Last month we asked you to give us some feedback on new areas for Abundance to consider when bringing you investments that offer a win win of socially useful infrastructure and financial returns. The results were surprising; pretty much all the areas suggested, from more co-investments with Local Authorities, to rural broadband, to investing in overseas renewables projects received via high levels of interest, were felt to fit with the mission and vision of our brand – investments that build a better world.

We are also close to announcing a new offer from an exciting new partnership with a social bank in the next couple of weeks.

So here are are, on the cusp of our most exciting phase of development. All the team are very excited to see how we can turn your ISA from something gathering dust in the forgotten corner of a bank or riding the roller coaster of global stock markets into something that makes a difference in the real world. Yes we are asking you to take some risk with your money, but honestly, do you think anyone should get something for nothing? We don’t. Just as we don’t believe that business should free ride on the environment we also don’t believe that environmental investments should have a free ride from investors. We believe in getting fair rewards for our customers by offering projects and companies who are trying to build new opportunities and a new economy in the UK and beyond.

So thank you for bearing with us while we get the site ready for the launch of our IFISA and get the projects ready for you to invest. You can open an ISA with Abundance in just a few clicks and start reserving your tax free allowance (up to £15,240) today.

And we look forward to seeing you shortly.

Risk warning

Part or all of your original capital may be at risk and any return on your loan or investment depends on the success of the project. Investments tend to be long term and may not be readily realisable. Estimated rates of return are variable and estimates are no guarantee of actual return. Consider all risks before investing.

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis

Co-founder Bruce is at the helm of Abundance's brand and marketing team. He has a long history of interest in how we use and think about money and has used this knowledge throughout his career - including co-founding peer-to-peer platform Zopa.