A new report analysing case studies from four European renewable energy crowdfunding platforms highlights the successes, challenges, and lessons learned by Abundance and our peers.

When you set out to do something totally new it’s a daunting but also exciting prospect. Here at Abundance we were one of the very first renewable energy crowdfunding sites. Now, we have contact with a whole host of others across the EU. Through European projects such as Crowdfund RES we have been put in touch with and shared knowledge with our peers abroad, as well as learning from them.

Crowdfund RES has now produced a report, based on case studies supplied by four platforms, which summarises the state of European renewable energy crowdfunding, including how far it has come and where it might still go. We have uploaded the report here for you to read should you wish. It gives a real insight into what platforms are doing and how they are going about doing it. Enjoy!

Download and read the PDF by clicking the link below.


Risk warning

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Karina Sidenius

Karina Sidenius

Karina is our Assistant Brand Manager and part of the Marketing team. She writes regularly on personal finance, investing, and Abundance projects.